Shower Door Towel Bar | Replacement Parts And Bracket

When it comes to shower there are many variations on how the shower is set up. While some households simply have a bathtub with a switch to have water start running through a hose to the shower head some households have a separate shower cabin and a separate bathtub. The shower door towel bar for instance, is very important.

When it comes to the cabin, in most cases is a square encased by 3 fiberglass walls, a fiberglass door and as underlay a shower base with a drain in the middle. The shower head and temperature control are placed in the wall. These shower door towel bars come in so many styles that it may appear hard to choose one.

A smart innovation that has been made with this kind of shower is the shower door towel bar. Because if you take a shower you are wet and you need your towel straight away. In a normal bath tub you can place the towel near the bathtub and you can easily reach for it. When you are wet in a shower cabin it involves you getting out making the bathroom wet, the floor towel wet or you slipping on the now slippery floor.

By replacing the regular doorknob with a bar that can be pulled to open the door it creates the opportunity to use the shower door towel bar as a bar to hang your towel on by wrapping it around the bar. This means you can push the shower door open from the inside and grab the towel allowing you to dry yourself in the cabin.

An average shower door towel bar will be made out of the same materials a regular knob or the shower faucets are made of. Metallic alloys such as a nickel and chrome alloy are common. Stainless steel is another option. Plastic bars are available but not recommended despite being a budget option because a plastic shower door towel bar has the tendency to break after long time use or too hard a pull. It might come loose from the fiberglass door it is attached to.

The grip will also be less formidable than any of the metal bars. For luxurious shower cabins the shower door towel bar can be enhanced with a metal coating or layer. This means not the boring grey or steel looking nickel and chrome alloy or stainless steel but very expensive looking materials such as bronze, silver, gold, white gold, titanium and platinum. Because the base of this shower door towel bar is still the same trusty metal alloy that a regular shower door towel bar would use it does not take away from strength while giving the shower cabin an exclusive look.

When the shower door towel bar needs replacement because it is defunct or you are changing your bathroom and opting for a different color scheme you can go to either your home depot store or a specialized bath and shower store. The latter will most likely have more options available and can advise you better in how to install the bar to your fiberglass door. Make sure that you get the attachment materials needed for the bar and also that you have the tools available in your home before you purchase one!